Monitoring System

HL-Kj70x coal mine Safety monitoring system. The monitoring system can collect gas, wind speed, negative pressure, temperature, carbon monoxide and other environmental parameters, as well as mechanical and electrical equipment start and stop, power supply status and other production parameters, and can control the power on and off of the equipment, which is the necessary equipment for coal mine safety production. It can realize full digital transmission, self diagnosis, outstanding alarm function, data fusion, anti-interference ability of monitoring system equipment, and more stable and reliable operation. Kj70x coal mine safety monitoring system consists of the following four parts: monitoring computer, network and software, transmission interface and transmission cable, power supply and data acquisition substation, various sensors and actuators.

Kj508 mine pressure monitoring system is used for monitoring and analysis of underground roof separation movement, tunnel support quality monitoring, hydraulic support parameters monitoring of comprehensive mining face, tunnel leading stress monitoring, borehole stress monitoring and other mine pressures.

Hl-kj699 microseismic monitoring system for coal mine can realize long-distance real-time, dynamic and automatic monitoring of mine seismic signals, including rock burst, and give the complete waveform of rock burst and other mine seismic signals. Through the analysis and research, the vibration signal, energy and three-dimensional coordinates with energy greater than 100J can be calculated accurately. According to the monitoring data, the possibility of rock burst and roof collapse can be analyzed, and effective and reasonable early warning can be made.

Hl-kj645 coal mine main fan monitoring system is based on the national standard “test method of fan aerodynamic performance” and the coal industry standard “test method of field performance parameters of main fans used in coal mines”. The industrial computer detection technology is applied to continuous on-line measurement and processing of the operation state of large fans used in coal mines. Provide various data of fan operation status in various ways. It can ensure the safe operation of the ventilator and facilitate the performance test of the ventilator, and provide convenient conditions for the expansion of various functions. The operation parameters of the fan measured and processed online include: static pressure at the fan inlet, total pressure, wind speed, flow, inlet temperature (i.e. gas temperature at the underground), bearing temperature of the motor, stator winding temperature, motor input voltage, current, speed, power and total power, fan efficiency, positive and negative wind signals, etc.