Automatic System

The Online analysis system of mining thermal imaging uses kba12 (a) mining intrinsic safety thermal imaging camera to continuously monitor the thermal distribution field on the surface of the monitored object, and realizes the functions of continuous monitoring of temperature change, high and low temperature alarm, real-time push of alarm, historical data record query, etc. through supporting analysis software. The monitoring mode has the advantages of long-distance, zero contact, real-time video display, real-time alarm and so on. It can find and remove the hidden danger of thermal fault in advance, and ensure the safety of mine production.

Kj502 coal mine sprinkling dust control system can realize real-time monitoring and removal of dust concentration in coal mine dust production workplace. The dust concentration sensor is used to measure the concentration of dust, whether the touch sensor or optical sensor monitors whether the belt is actuate, whether the infrared thermoluminescence sensor has pedestrians and the dust sprinkler controller automatically controls the opening and stopping of the spray dust suppression system, so as to realize the continuous monitoring of the dust in the tested place for 24 hours and the sprinkling and dusting.